The Day of Pink needs you!

The International Day of Pink (and the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity, the organization behind the Day of Pink) is a registered charity run by volunteers and staff working in communities across Canada. We depend on the support of our communities. Please donate now.

We believe that the key to making social change happen is education and support for those who are making our schools, communities and world a better place.

Donate now and you can help Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity change lives and fight discrimination.


The fact is that bullying and discrimination are still an epidemic across Canada.

The rate of discrimination and bullying experienced among students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Two-Spirited, Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ+) is 80%. We hear too many stories of LGBTQ+ youth being cast out of their homes, being abused and traumatized. Enough is enough–it’s time for a change. We are a part of that change.

Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity is working in schools and communities across Canada to educate and empower young people and educators to fight bullying and discrimination.

But we need your help.

If we want to reach more young people with our workshops, our conferences and our training forums, we need you to donate now.

Be it $5, $10 or $50, your donation counts. Your donation goes directly into programming. We are out in schools everyday fighting discrimination, and you can be a part of it.

As a Monthly Donor

  • Your contribution to fighting discrimination is convenient, automatic and effective.
  • You supply us with a stable and dependable source of funding. Monthly donations are something we can count on and allow us to strategically plan where your donation is needed.
  • You can spread your donation out over the year, so that you hardly notice the regular deductions


Please make cheques payable to the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity and mail to:
Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity – Day of Pink
C/O Jeremy Dias
440 Albert St, Suite C304
Ottawa, ON K1R 5B5