Take the Pink Pledge

  • Set up a laptop at the school entrance and take names as students come in
  • For every student who signs up, enter their name into a raffle for a prize
  • Call up local stores and see if they’ll donate a gift card for the winner

 Run a poster campaign

  • Put up Day of Pink posters
  • Contact PFLAG, Kids Help Phone, and Youthline to get other posters for free!
  • Invite art classes to design posters

 Host a discussion at lunch or after school about bullying and discrimination

  • Invite a guest speaker to talk about bullying
  • Host a discussion with your principal about bullying in your school
  • Take notes and talk about how you think we can better fight bullying and discrimination. Send them to us!

 Organize an anti-bullying and diversity themed movie night

  • Check out movies like: Venus Boys, GBF, Love Free Die, Question One, A Jihad for Love, TransGeneration documentary series, She’s A Boy I Knew, Screaming Queens, Paris IS Burning, Southern Comfort, Red Without Blue, and The Geography Club
  • Have a discussion after the movie, and talk about what lessons you can take away from having watched it

 Create an LGBTQ inclusion curriculum at your school

  • Engage in discussions about how you can change content to include LGBTQ communities