Due to last year’s success with the Day of Pink Dialogues, we have decided to further expand this initiative. This year, the Day of Pink Dialogues will continue to offer the opportunity for mayors to sit down with the youth in their communities. However, we are proud to announce this year we will also be working with the Canadian Olympic Committee and their #OneTeam ambassadors for LGBTQ Inclusion in Sport! Our work with the Committee allows us to send Olympians and high-performance athletes to local communities across the nation to have discussions about bullying, discrimination, and how to stop it.

Through these conversations, we aim to empower youth to talk about these important issues and to help encourage a progressive path forward. The Day of Pink is not just simply about being a visible ally (by wearing pink shirts) it’s also about listening and standing up for those who are affected by bullying and discrimination. By understanding more about those who are affected, we can make more of a concerted effort to make things better.

The target time frame for these dialogues will be between March and the Day of Pink (April 12, 2017). That being said, the date isn’t set in stone – these valuable and important conversations can (and should!) happen year round.

We hope to highlight and share the dialogues here on the site and on our social media pages, so make sure to check back and see if this will be happening in a city near you!

Our hope is to expand this initiative to have an official Day of Pink dialogues in every city with a variety of important figureheads and role models!

Start your own conversation!

Want to talk about your community? Contact your principal, vice-principal, school trustee, councilor, mayor, provincial representative, or Member of Parliament and ask them to sit down and talk with you and other interested youth!

The guides below can help you and them plan a successful and productive conversation!
And don’t forget to send us an email telling us all about it! Include pictures too!

For more information, please connect with our Coordinator : Pink@ccgsd-ccdgs.org

DoP-Dialogues Guide
DoP-Dialogues Guide Ind

Information about Dialogues 2017 will be added shortly.