Community Organizations & Businesses

Making a difference during the Day of Pink is important and easy.

Consider the following:

  1. Wear Pink: Raising awareness is the first step to making a difference. Start by putting up posters, sharing information (email, social media) with your colleagues and getting the message out. Be creative! For example, some folks update the screens in their buildings with notices; some folks have a sign-up sheet; some folks bring this up in team meetings.
    (Print your own or order supplies & resources here:
  2. Organize an easy activity or fundraiser: The Day of Pink doesn’t need to be complicated. You can simply organize an office lunch, a bake sale, a dress down fundraiser or even just an office announcement. If it is your frist year, consider keeping it simple so you can build momentum.
  3. Organize a learning activity:  The Day of Pink is about changing behaviours. Bullying, heterosexism, cissexism and transmisogyny doesn’t just go away because we wear pink. Consider bringing in a speaker (we can suggest some), organize a workshop with in-house talent, show an education video or documentary & have a discussion. This could also include going on a trip to a local art gallery or heritage organization and learning about 2SLGBTQI+ communities.
  4. Make an announcement: The Day of Pink is a platform. Addressing bullying, heterosexism, cissexism and transmisogyny can be done by establishing new standards and accessibility strategies in the office. This can include the creating of a new gender neutral bathroom, a strategy to use gender neutral language in the office (, inviting staff to use their pronouns (, and announce a new office policy on 2SLGBTQI+ inclusion.
    This could include a consultation or review of your policies and procedures.
  5. Volunteer in the community: The Day of Pink is a great opportunity to give back. Consider reaching out to a local  2SLGBTQI+ communities organization and volunteer your time, organize a staff appreciation event, or have staff sign up to volutneer at an event.
    Check out a list of  2SLGBTQI+ communities organizations here:
  6. Donate into the community. 2SLGBTQI+ communities organizations are some of Canada’s most underfunded organizations. Consider organizing a fundraiser and donating to local organizations. We also encourage you to donate to the to continue our work, to offer free 2SLGBTQI+ youth programs, and the CCGSD’s new museum project (